AllDealy Buy Now Pay Later

Using AllDealy Buy Now Pay Later is very easy.

1 : You can use AllDealy Buy Now Pay Later for your orders up to $5000. 

2 : After your order or orders are delivered to you, you will need to pay within 14 days.

3 : You can pay your payments by credit, debit or bank transfer with the invoice to be sent to you.

4 : We do not ask for any personal information or identification number

5 : It's that easy to use AllDealy Buy Now Pay Later ✅

!! Payment may be requested for verification $1-$10!! 

Those who use AllDealy Buy Now Pay Later agree to this agreement.

Before using AllDealy Buy Now Pay Later, you confirm that you will be honest with us.

We do not charge any interest or a penalty on transactions up to $5000 if paid within 14 days of delivery.

In case of delay in payment or payments, we apply interest for each month, up to 6.38% of the minimum amount to be paid.

If we cannot collect the payment within 4 months, we transfer the payment to the law firm we have agreed with, the invoice amount you would normally pay + 4 months late interest.

If there is any special situation, please do not hesitate to contact us.