Anti-Spasticity Ball Fingers apart Hand Far Infrared Impairment Finger Orthosis Vibration massage Rehabilitation Exercise

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Product parameters:

Sphere Material: silicone material
Sphere Weight: 0.15kg
Power: 25-45w
Output voltage: AC12V
Controller Line length: 80cm
Transformer Cable length: 160cm
Massage mode: vibration massage
Time Setting: 10-20-30 minutes
Fomentation temperature: the maximum temperature of 58 degrees Celsius
Far-infrared wavelength: 1500-14000 nanometer


Instructions for use

1, wear: If the patient flexion of the fingers, the first to help patients open their fingers, the ball on the patient's palm, so that patients with natural fingers bent to hold the ball, and with a fixed band to fix the ball.
2, boot: fixed ball, the massage ball transformer into the home power outlet, connect the power cord, press the control panel on the "power" button, the machine boot success, in standby mode.
3, hot function: boot state, press the control panel on the "hot" button, hot indicator light, the ball began to heat, because the silicone heat transfer is slow, the general hot function to open about 3 minutes, the ball surface began to feel the temperature.
4, massage function: boot state, press the control panel on the "vibration" button, vibration indicator light, vibration massage function is turned on.
5, massage intensity adjustment: three massage intensity, massage function is turned on after the default massage intensity "in", according to "strength" key adjustment.
6, massage mode adjustment: three massage mode, massage function is turned on after the default massage mode is "2"
Press the "mode" key to adjust.
7, timing function: third gear time setting, hot or massage function selected, the default working time of 20 minutes, according to "time" key adjustment.
1, cleaning: fixed belt can be washed, the ball can be wiped with a wet towel, but not soaked. Control panel, transformers and other accessories can not be washed.
2, if not long, please unplug the transformer from the power outlet.
3, please strictly follow the instructions in the correct use of this product.
4, if the use of patients in the process of any discomfort, please immediately stop using, and contact us.

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