Shipping policy

1. General Information

All new product selection. If an item is out of stock when you place your order, we will notify you using the original payment method and refund the total of your order.

2. Delivery Time

Delivery time is variable depending on the shipping method you choose when ordering. The order has been placed since the order was ordered. Delivery times are to be used only as a guide and will be subject to acceptance and confirmation of your order.

In addition to all shipping methods, the protection of the shipping time of your order is 45 days (excluding holidays, weekends, special days)

What does this mean: So, after placing your order (with any shipping method) you can make an objection against us 45 days later, it may be due to reasons such as Covid 19!

We reserve the right to send your order at any time for 45 days.!

We make every effort to fulfill your order on the job from the order [15], unless there is exceptional action. Business days, Monday-Friday excluding holidays.

Please remember the [markets].

The delivery date may vary according to the cargo applications of the company, the place of delivery, the delivery method and the products ordered. Products can also be delivered in shipments.

3.Ordering Instructions

Sent within 1 week at the latest

4. Shipping Costs

Shipping costs depend on the weight of your order and your demand. To buy how much of your order, add the items you want to buy into your cart and proceed to the checkout page. Cargo reward after entering the payment screen.

Long distances can be additional for heavy items or oversize or oversize. All fees will be informed on payment notice size.

Sales tax is charged according to the province or region to which it is posted.

5. Damaged Products

If there is any damage to the packaging during shipping, contact us immediately at [].

6. With questions

get in touch. If you have any questions, please contact us [].

7. For the products you purchased: No refund will be made for the product you purchased until it is returned. Not delivered to the site, please contact us with support information. We do not take any responsibility upon your credit card information, credit card belongs to the safe size.